Ramsay Health Care
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Why Choose Us

Ramsay Surgical Centre is a state-of-the-art facility, designed to offer exceptional personalised care to all patients who come to us for treatment.

From the warm welcome you’ll receive from our concierge, right through to the modern design of the rooms with their amazing views to the ocean, while you’re with us we’ll do everything we can to make your stay comfortable.

The physical space is designed to be extremely efficient, meaning you can get back home as quickly as possible.

Lockers for your belongings

When you arrive, you’ll receive your Ramsay Surgical Centre bag, in which you can put any of your belongings. When you head in for your procedure, your bag will be placed into a locker. Once you’re feeling better after your procedure, you can get your belongings again.


To help make the time pass quickly while you wait, we have multiple iPads available for your entertainment. There are also TVs, newspapers and magazines available in the main waiting areas.

Food and drink

Once you wake up from your procedure, and are feeling better, our nurses will provide you with delicious food and drinks to help kick-start your recovery.

Once you’re up and about, and able to move to the recovery lounge, you can also help yourself to the snacks on offer. 

The digital day surgery of the future

We’re also creating new ways for you and your doctor to coordinate your care.

Once available, you will be able to check in online, and your loved ones will be kept informed of your progress throughout the day. 

The portal will also allow you to access key information both before and after your procedure.